Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm

So as everyone knows the jumbo balm/gloss things are very popular in almost every makeup brand. I bought one from the cheap brand elf and loved it but it didn't last long so I wanted another one from a different brand. Randomly I chose the Covergirl one.

Packaging is similar to other brands, this one twists up.

I bought the one in the color 3011/210/ I think its called Blush Twist. Its a nice light pink that makes my lips just look a little smother. I love the color, but not so much the product. It went on glossy on my hand but not on my lips.

Now for the review. I do not love this at all! It feels like a $1 lipstick, that's drying and chalky and doesn't go on smoothly. Maybe its just mine, or this color, I'm not sure. When I use a balm underneath it is fine, but when its supposed to be a gloss or whatever it shouldn't need the balm. Also it made the dry parts of my lips stand out. And maybe it's just me but it has a weird scent...

Recommend? Maybe, its ok with balm under. NO gloss feel and little shine. Feels like cheap lipstick. And also shows lip lines and chapness when your lips are dry. Sorry Covergirl, this is not a good product in my opinion. I will still wear this product only because I'm not wasteful.

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