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Maybelline Color Tatoo- Barely Branded

You probably remeber my post on another maybelline color tattoo, and how I said I would buy another one. Well its been a while and I bought another one! Read on to find out how I like this particular shade. Here is the front of the container, same as the other one, but this time in barely branded. I took this picture  back when I first got it. Here is the other side with a peak at the color. This is the color, it is a bare shimmery color. Here is a swatch, you can tell it reflects the light.
Here is is on my eye with more than one layer. I applied it with my finger because that is my favorite way to appy this product.
Recommend? I actually don't like this that much. 1. Very Very shimmery, can be hard to wear. 2. Barely shows up on my skin tone, only adds shine 3. Only can be worn as a base ....The color tatoo's are  great but this color is not that great.
Since then I have learned how to apply it so that it shows up better, you use a concealer brush! Also if you have very…

Back to School Makeup Haul

SO I went to target to get some of my back-to-school essentials and ended up buying makeup. Oops! How does this always seem to happen, makeup just loves sneaking into the cart... I also visited Sephora while I was looking for clothes in JcPenny, another detour that always happens. I limited myself to only one thing in sephora, find out to see what that one desirable thing is...

 Here's a pic of all the things in a pile, it isn't much but all togetther it cost like $80 out of my wallet. Can you tell the sephora mystery item yet?
 Here it is! I got to have the color IQ newly in sephora to help pic a foundation that will correctly match my pale skin. I have unsuccessfully tried for over a year, and thought why not buy an expensive one( $36) to look good in school pictures?
 Face items! Two products that I have been longing to try. A Bouncy blush (~$5)!!! And covergirl concealer stick($5).
 Somehow I took this one upsidedown but i think you can tell its a Baby lips moisturizer! ($…

Ulta lipstick- Perfect Nude

Remember a few hauls back when I said I bought an ulta bag with random ultabrand products in it? Well this is one of those products! This is an ulta lipcolor that can be found in ulta stores or at the ulta website (now repackaged) . Im not sure how much it retails for but im guessing $4-8.  It is in a round plastic tube, that is not fancy, only saying ulta.
It twists up like all lipsticks and is a warm nude-beige-rose.
Supposedly by the name it is supposed to be a perfect nude, in a matte finish.
My lips were very dry when i took this but you can tell for me it was not a perfect nude. This shade would look better on people with more medium skin tones.
Here is a swatch of this lipstick, and lets give it one word-creamy.

Recommend? I thought this was a marvelously creamy, non- drying lipstick that didn't need a gloss to add shine. I think the color was not quite right for me, but the quality is great!

Elf baked blush

A while ago baked makeup became something that every brand needed to put out there. The baked blushes I tried were the e.l.f ones. They are only $3 a pop, so I said well thats cheaper than anywhere else. I purchased mine online. I have the colors pinktastic and peachy cheeky.
The colors in the pan appear to be quite lovely wearable colors...
This is pinktastic, it is actually more pale shimmer than pink.
Peachy cheeky is hardly peach at all and is mostly pink.
Here are swatches, top- pinktastic, bottom- peachy cheeky. Pinktastic makes a wonderful shimmery highlighter, a terrible blush, as it is not pink at all. Peachy cheeky is very light swatched but does give a glowy amount of color to the cheeks that is slightly peachy.

Recommend? I say if you want shimmer without sparkle try it out, but maybe get a darker one so it won't be too light. And only buy pinktastic for a highlighter.

Maybelline Vivids- Shocking coral

A while ago in a haul I showed a few lipsticks and this was one of them. I have come to love and hate this lippie, read on to find out why.  Even the packaging makes you think it would be reddish.  Here is the color, in some lights it looks almost coral but not really.  Here is a swatch, not really coral is it? Here is the color on my lips it is more magenta than coral, but luckily the color still looks nice on me.
Recommend? If you want a coral then stay away, but if you want a vivid magenta lipstick that is creamy and pigmented then this is for you.

Shopping haul to the mall and target

So one of my friends is having a birthday and I decided to go shopping( I know again), but I did find some good deals I'd like to share.

 Rue21 had a 50% off selected so this was about $6 instead of around $14. It is a high low leopard print tank top.
 Bath&Body works had a 3 minis for $10 so I got the minis of be enchanted in shower gel, lotion, and mist form.
 Also the forever red sugar scrub was $6 instead of $16 ( as you can tell I love sugar scrubs), and I had a coupon for a free signature item so I got my favorite warm sugar vanilla body lotion ( originally $11).
 I purchased two rimmel products at target. A emerald sparkle green exaggerate waterproof eyeliner (~$4) and a bulletproof beige scandaleyes eyeshadow stick (~$4).
 My new foundation is revlon colorstay(around $10) in the ivory oily/combo skin. New lippie is revlon super-lustrous pearl in silver city pink ($4-$5).
 I thought it was time for a new hairbush so im gonna try conair gel grips travel size brush ($4.50…

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer- St. Lucia

I have had this little product for a while and I have to say it is quite nice, even for people with fair skin. It can be found at target, walmart, and at the elf website.  This is the outside of the packaging and it is kinda dirty because of the type of material it is made from. But it is still sleek and portable.
 Inside are two pans of products a blush and a bronzer, with a full size mirror.
 Here is an upside-down picture  to show the product up close. It is not matte but also not full of sparkles. It can contour but not really brighten like a shimmery-glittery bronzer.
The blush is a very lovely peachy-pink with shimmer, it's not overly sparkly and it does not exaggerate pores. The bronzer is actually deeper in real life and can be a bit muddy, but it is still possible to use.

Reccommend? For $3 give it a try, I personally just like the blush and that alone is worth $3.I think the bronzer is best on medium skin, and the blush on all skin.