Covergirl Clump Crusher Waterproof Mascara Review

Hello lovely people, today I will be telling you about my latest mascara. It is a reasonable $6-7, and can be found in many stores.
Here is a picture taken before I even had a clue how I would like it.
Here is a picture of the brush without mascara goop all over it.
(updated picture, wearing the mascara here)

  • This is how lovely it makes my lashes with it thoroughly coated, no clumps! 
  • As for other claims, I think you can tell it gives lots of volume and length.
  • It is not water proof/ water resistant! Sadly.... I went swimming and asked if my mascara smeared and the answer was yes.
  • It does not smudge or flake throughout the day, but it does not hold a curl.
  • The pic is with just one coat but you can get more volume than that
  • not impossible to remove from eyes at the end of the day
Recommend? Yes, only if you are not going to dive into a pool. If you just go to the beach or something I can say that on me it lasted. It works on watery eyes without smears. My review is for the waterproof version but I suppose the regular is very similar.

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