Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes-3 shades

Hey everyone, as you saw in my haul I putchased Three of the new revlon nail enamels. They are a scented line that retails for $5.99 each and I've also seen them in sets of two for $10. I got the shades autumn spice, Wild Violets, and Bordeaux.
They come in cute little square jars with round caps. The font and labeling is also very cute.

Here are the colors from the side so you can see the colors. The top is wild violets, then autumn spice, then Bordeaux.

Even if the cap is weird the brush is just standard not the the "manicure" type polishes just the standard thin brush tip.
One thing to note is that the smell doesn't show up until the polish dries, when you open the bottle it smells like regular nail polish.


I ended up painting mine in the autumn spice shade, I'm not sure if it complements my skin tone or not. But I really like the color. 

Here is a fake nail swatch to represent one coat. It is mostly opaque but there is some streaking.
At two coats it is fully opaque, I layered mine three times and it showed no difference. The shade didn't intensify.


I'm sorry for the photo quality my real camera's battery is dead at the moment so it's iphone quality.
 This is one coat of wild violets, fairly sheer and streaky.

At two it is opaque and non streaky, the top bit looks like it but that was beach use there was too much on the brush. 

At three coats it looks nearly black. Fully opaque and like the color in the bottle.

The first coat is creamy and opaque, but a very cherry red not like the bottle.

My second coat applied too much, but when evened out it was still kinda light. Not an oxblood color but still nice for fall and winter.

•Scents are very light 
•Autumn spice is very nice and lightly spicy but still sweet
•Wild Violets is very very weak in scent but slightly floral
•Bordeaux smells the strongest-very like wine( I personally can't stand the smell)
• Semi sheer on first layer then opaque I by second
• Fast drying on first layer. As layers increase takes longer to dry
•very glossy
•It is almost winter so these shades might not be the best but I still like them
• There is a very good shade range from creams to brights. There are cream and shimmer formulas. 
•Smell doesn't immediately disappear
•Wears as well as most other nail polish formulas 

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