New NailPolish Haul + swatches

Hey guys I decided not to take pictures of what I got for Christmas or what I bought in December. I'm just going to make mini hauls like this, and reviews. In December I acquired quite a few new nail  polishes, not a crazy amount. You will see all swatched on fake nails. And one on my real nails as well.
JulieG-  Sharks cove -Sea Foam Green with light silver shimmer
JulieG- Umbrella Drink - Light orange (Wearable orange) with the same subtle silver shimmer
Essie- Loophole- Blue/Purple Silver (a Silver with a tint of a cooler undertone)
Maybelline- Dressed to Kill - Burgundy
Revlon - Italian Leather (Scented) - a unique greenish-grey
(Not mentioned until end) Sally Hansen-Snow Blast- Crackle White

The first layer is sheer and not too streaky. (Only trouble with maybelline)
The second layer is good for all shades except the Maybelline.
The third layer makes all shades perfect! EXCEPT maybelline.
The fourth layer is finally almost perfect for the Maybelline Burgundy shade. 
After 5 coats the Maybelline one is not streaky and the bottle shade ON FAKE NAILS.

Here are all the bottles and their swatches
The JulieG ones are amazing for the price! Opaque in TWO coats. The orange looks werid because under the nail I wrote the color name.
And the ones I only have one from are shown here.
The sharks cove matches the bottle exactly!
The Umbrella Drink is the same as the bottle as well.
The essie one is gorgeous. I am now an essie girl (this was my first Essie polish).
The Maybelline one after all the layers is darker than in the bottle.
The leather one is also darker. I would only use two coats not three or four.
Here is the Maybelline "Dressed to Kill" on my nails. I used 3 coats and it matched the bottle, a lot less streaky than the fake nails. It was a little 'mushy' and too thick.
Here is the Sally Hansen snow blast on fake nail with a random red shade under. It is a little streaky but it might just be that it starts crackling immediately.  
This is a wonderful crackle polish it crackles really well and looks great.

UPDATE: Love this, really god formula and opaque in one coat and perfect in two!
  • The two JulieG polishes are fanastic. I have one other by the brand and they are great.
  • The Essie has turned my into an Essie girl and I think I will paint my nails in this shade next
  • The Maybelline one is terrible on fake nails and real nails DO NOT BUY THIS 
  • The Revlon one is scented lightly and not very detectable. The color is kinda unique and it might be hard to wear. 

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