Pink Ombre Lips- Quick and Long Lastig

Today I am going to show you my currant   favorite Lip combo. It's spring like (can be worn year round though) and very easy! I originally thought of this to tone down my bright pink lip, but it turned out ombre and beautiful.
Here is the picture I posted on Instagram (my IG is budgetmakeupbeauty). I listed the steps there as well.

Use a balm stain. I used Jordana Twist & Shine in sweet pink.
Alone it is very vibrant and long Lasting. As well as not overly drying. (Search my blog for a full review)

Use a lighter shade of pink. This could be in the form of lipstick, balm stain, or in my case lip cream. This is the soft matte lip cream in Istanbul. ( I also have a full review on this).

Pat this onto the center area for the ombre effect if you would like this to be a matte and lighter pink you could put it all over lips(that wouldn't be ombre).
Do not lips other than blotting them together.
here is the finished look freshly applied and not yet matte finish.
After 9 hours there is still a slight color and the lips are slightly dry. But this does last through a full day ( I ate twice since putting it on). The matte cream might wear off with eating but the stain still leaves color behind.

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