My January Favorites- 2014

Since we are in 2014 now I was thinking of doing monthly favorite posts. Since today is February 1st, I thought I would share my top 5 beauty products from last month. One is a skincare item, one is a nail item, and the rest are makeup.

Here is an overview of my 5 favorites of last month. A few have been mentioned on my blog already,  but a few you may have never heard of. 

 1. So the first item of my favorites the Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment. I found mine for $5 at TJ Maxx. Normally it is around $20 at Sephora. I especially love this for my no-makeup days I like this to keep my face matte and not greasy and oily. It also works nice under makeup if you  let it sink into your skin for a minute. It has no silicone or chemicals so it is nice for sensitive skin like mine.

2. The second item is a Gelshine topcoat from Revlon.  I ran out of my old topcat and picked this up for about $4. It works well and really gives that shiny nail finish, that does remind me of gelnails. 

3. Everyone on youtube talks about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. I mentioned it in my top favorites of the year, but I have found another use other than under my eyes. When I get a break-out I like to get some of the product on my finger and dab it on. Throughout the day it blends into the skin very nicely, and doesn't lose its coverage.

4. I recently bought a Stila Kitten set for $14 at Nordstrom Rack. It contained the kitten eyeshadow, a duo highlighter, and lip gloss + lip glaze. The lip gloss is what stood out to me. The stila silk shimmer luxe gloss in Kitten is AMAZING. It gives a healthy shine to the lips that wears very well and isn't too sticky. It is slightly sticky but that gives it hours (~4) of staying power.

5. And lastly is the Wet n' Wild WALKING ON EGGSHELLS trio. It's only $3 and its fantastic. Mostly I am in love with the lid color. It is very similar to UD Sin, and Stila Kitten. I will update my review on this soon with a swatch comparison of the eyelid to the Stila one. The browbone is nice for the Inner corner of the browbone if an all shimmer look. The crease is the only shade I don't reach for very often.

 I hope you all enjoyed reading about my top 5 favorites at the moment! It may all change by next month or not, who knows!!

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