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L'oreal sale and haul from Rite Aid

L'oreal is 40% off at rite aid rite now and there are also coupons from red plum and I found a tear off pad in store. 

I picked up two infallible eyeshadows in: strawberry blond (A pearly shade with a rosy undertone and pink sparkles) and Amber Rush( A rosy copper shade).
I also got the L'oreal Voluminous mascara with the curved wand. The wand is not plastic and more of the real spoolie kind. 
Don't forget everything L'oreal is on sale not just eye products. I might be going back for more shadows or lip products!

Maybelline Pink Wink Eyeshadow (New formula/Packaging): Review & Swatches

If you haven't noticed Maybelline Re-packaged all their eyeshadows and wrote "new" on all of them so I picked up a color I hadn't seen in the old packaging and decided to try it out. It was about $4 for a single shadow, same price as before. I originally saw this at walgreens but now even RiteAid has switched over. 
The packaging is sleeker in a flat square shape but stills has a clear part showing the color. The one I got is Pink Wink! The back is nothing special, it just shows you that this is meant as a lid color. This view shows the gold duo-chrome effect. Here shows the pink shift in color. Here is a slightly layered swatch.
Similar texture to the lilac shade in the old packaging and less creamy than the goldSheer color, not super pigmentedlooks pretty layered over other shadows, might do a look soonHas a slight glittery look but doesn't feel glitterySlightly powdery and dry, but the color is worth it

Maybelline Mad for Magenta: Spring 2014

Maybelline has a new line of baby lips out for spring this year there are 5 new shades limited edition to only this season. The collection is pinked, meaning varying shades of pink balms. They are around $5 each. Today I am reviewing my favorite shade, Mad for Magenta. Here is the packaging which reassures you no one has tested it.  These are infused with lip moisturizing qualities and claimes "better looking lips". You get TONS of product so you might not need a ton of backups. The swatch is not near as intense and it seems in the tube, so don't expect a bold magenta lip.
On my lips it adds a slight pink tint, and a lot of shine.
Not drying, it is moisturizingDo have to reapply oftenSmells like watermelon?Sheer tint

Wet n' wild Fergie VS Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

Here are two products that claim to do the same things, but with a $15 difference in price. The Wet N' Wild Fergie Eyeshadow Primer ( I found mine at walgreens for $4.99) and the Urban Decay Primer Potion ( $20 everywhere this brand is sold). These have been compared many times but I still would like to offer another opinion. When you first look at them the urban decay tube seems to be bigger. The actual size comparison is UD (.37 OZ) and Wet N' Wild (.34). Not as a large difference as it appears.  The cap is a lot bigger and fancier on the UD than the wnw. But the actual opening is the same size and same function.
The top is the UD and the bottom is the wnw. My UD is starting to separate because I have had it for about a year. But both have the same shade.
Blended out the UD is waterier and more silky. And the WNW is more tacky and sticky.
Here I just took a random light purple which was lacking pigmentation in the first place. The UD didn't grab as much shadow and didn&…

Beauty Blender: Review & Demo

I bought my first actual beauty blender a few weeks ago and I am here to share my it worth the $19.95 for a sponge?  It comes in its cute little tube with its allure award sticker on it.  It says Submerge in water, towel dry, and dip into makeup  then stipple onto face, and allow it to air dry on top of the container (it has an air hole) and then clean it between uses  When you wash it and let it dry a little bit becomes too big for its container.
 Then, I dab out some foundation onto the back of my hand, and dab the beauty blender into the product Here I am just stippling (dabbing) the foundation onto my face.
My thoughts: Very squishy and soft when it is not even dampDoesn't absorb too much waterDoesn't absorb too much productFlawless face, not cake-yVery quick and takes less blending than a brushIt did wash out some pink when washingA little pricey for a spongeWorks well for both foundation and concealer Sometime I am going to make a comparison of the real tec…

St. Patrick's Day Look #2: Olive Smokey & Glitter Liner Tutorial

Here it is look #2! If you haven't seen my first look scroll down to find it! This is a more smokey darker look using deeper and less bright tones of green.  Stay tuned to see this ^  1. Apply a white base to make colors pop  (Jordana Shadow Pencil in eternal white)  2. Apply Urban Decay Mildew all over the lid (Mid toned olive-y green)  and blend up into the crease but no higher  3. Smoke out the crease with UD Mushroom (Shimmery deep gray)  blend blend blend  4. Blend Mildew onto lower lashline  5. To keep it from looking too much like a punch in the face I took my Jordana shadow pencil in Continuous Almond to browbone and down towards inner corner  6. Apply a gold shadow to the inner third of the eyelid and lower lashline  7. I applied Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liner in Flash in a slight wing  Here is a non flash photo
Glitter time!  I applied glitter right over the liquid liner for a more sparkly look Here is how it turned out
Hope you enjoyed my looks for this holiday! Hope it i…

St. Patrick's Look #1: Green & Olive Tutorial

So Monday is St. Patrick's Day and I was thinking I should probably come up with some green eyeshadow looks! This first one has a base of a bright green that is toned down by an olive. This is a mix of high end and drugstore makeup, feel free to use whatever you own. Scroll down to see how to do this ^  1. Prime and apply a base (Any shade I used a Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in emerald sparkle)
2. I applied Urban Decay Graffiti to the lid (A bright true green)
 3. Blend an olive into the crease, I used It Cosmetics Mocha.
 4. I applied a minty shimmery green to inner third to brighten up the look (Smashbox turquoise )
5. I added Urban Decay Mildew to the outer third
 6. To balance the look I blended the It cosmetics mocha and UD Mildew to lower lashline
 7. I added a yellow ming shimmer to inner corner and a matte yellow to browbone (smashbox mint and maize)

Here's the look   Also (optional) mascara (Maybelline Falsies) and UD 24/7 eyeliner (apathy) on tightine and lower water…

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: Review

So in my Beauty Favorites of the year I mentioned this. It is only about $4, sold everywhere and also all Rimmel  London is 50% off at Walgreens!  Here are the two that I own. One I am almost out of so I bought a new one (Accidentally in a different shade).
And since these pictures are a little bit ago like last month I already got a new one of my correct shade. The new one you can still see the Rimmel crown design on,
which doesn't stay imprinted very long. It is a silicone and talc powder. It has a claim of up to 5 hours of shine control, and claims to reduce appearance of pores.
The two colors I have shown are Natural 003 (Neutral Pink tone)  and Creamy Natural 011 (more yellow toned). The tools I like to apply this with are my elf complexion brush for a light application.
Or for a more coverage affect one of my real techniques brushes (buffing) since it is more dense.. Or for pressing onto blemishes that need coverage and setting I use a sponge. Matte finishlong lasting- lasts…

Empties + Reviews: March 2014

So I have been saving up empties for a while and always forget to share. This was over a long time not just the past month. Skincare:

My favorite scrub is this one I get at either tjmaxx or ross for $3.99 about... I have a peach one in my shower now and a oatmeal honey one as backupNeutrogena acne stress control toner. This was ok, kinda pricey for the drugstore. Might repurchase at one point, but now I am using one for sensitive skin.Body clear spray to keep any back-acne away..I didn't like this. It takes a while to dry and it didn't do anythingAnd an empty tea tree blemish night lotion; love this! Was in my February favorites (to find out more).
Face Makeup:
Elf tone correcting concealer: only $1 its great for the price but its just average kinda like the maybelline instant age rewind. Have not repurchasedCovergirl "clean" foundation. I DO NOT like this. The oily formula is soo dewy! It does not wear well or have good coverage. Revlon Colorstay: My holy grail found…