Wet n' wild Fergie VS Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

Here are two products that claim to do the same things, but with a $15 difference in price. The Wet N' Wild Fergie Eyeshadow Primer ( I found mine at walgreens for $4.99) and the Urban Decay Primer Potion ( $20 everywhere this brand is sold). These have been compared many times but I still would like to offer another opinion.
When you first look at them the urban decay tube seems to be bigger.
The actual size comparison is UD (.37 OZ) and Wet N' Wild (.34). Not as a large difference as it appears. 
The cap is a lot bigger and fancier on the UD than the wnw. But the actual opening is the same size and same function.
The top is the UD and the bottom is the wnw. My UD is starting to separate because I have had it for about a year. But both have the same shade.
Blended out the UD is waterier and more silky. And the WNW is more tacky and sticky.
Here I just took a random light purple which was lacking pigmentation in the first place. The UD didn't grab as much shadow and didn't intensify it as much as the WNW.
If you don't like a somewhat tacky finish some affordable bases are Jordana Made to last (continuous almond) and Maybelline color tattoos (any shade)

Overall when testing these here are the main points:

  • Both have the same shade, but UD offers other shades where as wet n wild has original and shimmer
  • The WNW is tackier and can make shadows somewhat harder to blend
  • I still feel that the UD makes my shadows last longer since I need them to last about 8 hours each day
  • The wnw lasts just as long if not longer with a base like Jordana Shadow sticks or a Maybelline color tattoo
  • the cost of the WNW and a base is still less than the price of the UD primer potion
  • If you are on a budget I would try the WNW since it is a lot more affordable and can make shadows last almost all day long without a base

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