L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in "Fuchsia Orchestra": Review & Swatches

I just before this posted a review of a different color in this range. It is a lighter color, and  in the same range two colors can be quite different depending on the shade, that is somewhat the case with this one. 
This is a bright summer but can be worn year round color in "Fuchsia Orchestra".
Same elegant packaging with the color peeking through on the front 
(that might be just painted on not the actual color but close enough). 
Here is the applicator it is a nice mostly flat doe-foot.  The excess gets squeezed off when you open it.
It has a lot more pigmentation and is a lot brighter and more intense. 
And the little dots I think are air bubbles from laying the swatch but it might just be my skin. 
Here is a messy lip swatch. It makes all dryness go away, feels nice, and does slightly stain. If you dab it on and blend it in or wipe away the excess it turns into a lip stain. This shade also doesn't contain glitter and is longer wearing.

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