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Nyx Wonder Pencil (Light): Review & Swatch

A "wonder pencil" sounds very appealing doesn't it? When something claims to be multi use, and it is affordable(~$3) almost seems too good to be true.  Non retractable, wood pencil. Dry texture Blendable, so blendable it blends away Doesn't conceal spots well Disappears as soon as placed on my waterline Only purpose that sort of works is sharpening edges of a lip, but even then it can be a bit difficult to blend in or conceal the sides Overall, I say skip it. The idea behind it is good but a liquid concealer and a nude eyeliner are much better. Or if you want a concealer type pencil try a matte eye crayon. The ]ordana made to last shadow pencils are much creamier and cover better. 

Elf Moisturizing Lipstick in Rosy-Go-Round: Review & Swatches

This  is a $3 lipstick from e.l.f that claims big things.  Claims:  "Velvety, satin texture glides on lips with vibrant color and luminous shine."  "Enriched with Shea and Vitamins A, C, & E to nourish and hydrate the lips." "The rich, creamy formula seals in moisture for long-lasting wear and comfort." Lipstick tube comes wrapped in cardboad displaying color name.  "Rosy-Go-Round" is the shade name. Layered a few times for vibrant color. Does glide easily Very waxy, not creamy feeling Buildable color Satin, not glossy finish No scent Sits on the lips, doesn't hydrate but also doesn't dry out the lips Bright rose color

Nyx Fortune Cookie Butter Gloss: Review & Swatches

Butter glosses, the favorite among youtubers. I have heard the lighter shades are not as good and let me tell you why. These retail for only about $4, and nyx can be found at Ulta, Target, CVS, locations to name a few.  Round tube packaging.  Doe-foot applicator.  Slightly peachy-brown toned nude. Lip swatch.  Very patchy on it's own Does even out and look better as a lipstick topper Feels more like a balm then a gloss on the lips Non sticky, but hair does still stick! Not long wearing since it has no tackiness Formula is wonderful, this color not so much.

L'oreal Glossy Balm in My Babydoll: Review + Swatches

I bought this as soon as it came out since I love chubby lip pencils. This one's main claim is that is is a glossy balm. These got a bit of hype when they came out, but none since. I only bought one shade, at Target, for around $6. Standard tube in the color of the product, with silver accents.  Slightly pinker than the tube color, more cool toned.  Sheer and then a layered swatch.  When wiped away it only just barely leaves a stain behind. Lip swatch. It is very glossy, and that finish does not seem to disappear Since it is glossy, it does not set...which can lead to getting on your teeth  It is a lovely cool toned baby pink, the shade range is wonderful Not longwearing, really only wears the short length of a balm Can leave the weird ring around the center of your lips... No scent, but it does have a slick texture

Sephora 10hr Foundation (ivory): review

Some hyped products just don't work out for everyone...I had heard this was a good (even longwearing) foundation, and they had a shade seemingly light enough for me. It is probably the least expensive foundation in sephora, only $20. Pump bottle Thick, creamy consistency  This particular shade is very yellow toned, one up is very pink. They seem to be extreme in undertone, even though it claims to be neutral.  Not full coverage, light-medium. Does not cover any blemishes. Dewy finish Not extremely long wearing (not 10hr) Does not contain an SPF Did not include a picture of me wearing this foundation since it really did not flatter my skin. I have returned this foundation since it did not work out for me. If you have great skin and can find your color match I would recommend it since it is only $20 which isn't too bad for foundation.