Nyx Wonder Pencil (Light): Review & Swatch

A "wonder pencil" sounds very appealing doesn't it? When something claims to be multi use, and it is affordable(~$3)...it almost seems too good to be true. 
Non retractable, wood pencil.

  • Dry texture
  • Blendable, so blendable it blends away
  • Doesn't conceal spots well
  • Disappears as soon as placed on my waterline
  • Only purpose that sort of works is sharpening edges of a lip, but even then it can be a bit difficult to blend in or conceal the sides
Overall, I say skip it. The idea behind it is good but a liquid concealer and a nude eyeliner are much better. Or if you want a concealer type pencil try a matte eye crayon. The ]ordana made to last shadow pencils are much creamier and cover better. 

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