Colourpop Stole the Show Super Shock Cheek: Review & Swatches

Highlighters, highlighters, highlighters! They seem to be everywhere now, but the Colourpop formula is by far the most unique! Today I will be reviewing Stole the Show, it's an $8 creamy pale highlight.
Super Shock Cheek
4.2g of product 
List of ingredients, 
mainly dimethicone, 
Cruelty Free
Keep them closed tight or else will dry up
Pearlized Finish
With Flash
No Flash
Close-up, with flash to show the glow

No flash, with flash

  • Bouncy texture
    • Smoother and more cream like than the shadows
  • Blends easily into the skin
    • Best with finger or beauty blender type sponge
  • Can be applied lightly for a more natural look, or amped up
  • No glitter particles, but lots of shimmer
  • Can be topped with a powder highlight for even more intensity
    • Or worn alone (same lasting power)
  • Best applied before setting the face, but can be applied after
The formula is amazing, and the color will suit from the lightest of skintones to medium. If you have darker skin it may be a touch ashy, but it is not a cool undertone so you may be okay. Unique color, not just a stark white. The formula is consistent with the others, so I say either pick this one up or browse the website for a different one that might suit you better.

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