Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows(full collection): Swatches + Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a package from Milani containing all their Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows(starts as 'gel' formula then changed into a powder). Just because they sent them to me does not mean this is sponsored. This range has 30 colors from matte to metallic. They retail for around $4.

 01 Bella Ivory- Satin Matte- Has some shimmers in it, slightly pink toned white
02 Bella Sand- Shimmer- Light tan (sand), shimmery but not intense
03 Bella Cappuccino- Satin Matte-  Little to no shimmer, light brown

04 Bella Caffe- Satin Matte-Little to no shimmer, light golden brown (almost blends away)
05 Bella Taupe-Satin Matte- Some shimmer, cool dark brown
06 Bella Espresso- Satin Matte- Has a sheen to it, dark neutral brown 
07 Bella White- Satin Matte- Pure true white, little to no shimmer
08 Bella Sky- Shimmer- Semi sheer, baby blue
09- Bella Navy- Satin Matte- Satin not matte at all, buildable, true blue navy

10 Bella Gray- Satin Matte- Satin not matte, semi sheer
11 Bella Charcoal- Shimmer- Smoky charcoal, intense
12 Bella Black- Satin Matte- Matte, slightly patchy

13 Bella Pink- Shimmer- Cool toned slightly purple, sheer
14 Bella Violet- Shimmer- More like satin, semi sheer
15 Bella Purple- Satin Matte- Dark eggplant purple

16 Bella Champagne- Shimmer- Pink with a hint of an orange undertone
17 Bella Khaki- Shimmer- Slightly golden green
18 Bella Emerald- Shimmer- Darker version of khaki without as much gold, intense
19 Bella Rouge- Metallic- Bright pinky-red, semi sheer but buildable
20 Bella Silver- Metallic- true silver, slightly powdery but good pigmentation
21 Bella Teal- Metallic- Bright teal blue, semi sheer but buildable

22 Bella Gold- Metallic- Intense slightly orangey gold
23 Bella Copper- Metallic- Not chunky but it is a bit powdery, intense
24 Bella Bronze- Metallic- Less metallic than the others, but intense pigmentation

25 Bella Cobalt- Satin Matte- Metallic not matte, intense
26 Bella Fuchsia- Satin Matte- Bright pink, slightly purple, sheer but buildable
27 Bella Mandarin- Satin Matte- Unique matte orange, good pigmentation

28 Bella Chiffon- Highlighter/Shimmer- Intense shimmery yellowy-white, perfect inner corner color
29 Bella Rose- Highlighter/Shimmer- Intense light pink with almost silvery reflects
30 Bella Diamond- Highlighter/Shimmer- Sheer white with a sheen, least pigmented 
  • All have a very smooth texture
  • Only a few shades are completely matte
    • Even the ones labeled matte have a more satiny finish
  • Some shades are more sheer but all can be built up, or used with an intensifier like Mac Fix+
  • I like to use some of the shadows multiple ways
    • Bella Chiffon (and other light shimmery shades) = stunning facial highlight
    • Matte browns = bronzer/contour shades
    • Bella White = satin matte power/highlight for pale skin
  • None of the shades were swatched with primer! 
    • These are true to formula, and as true to color as possible

I think these make great beginner shadows since they are buildable and blendable. For non-beginners to makeup there are still some really unique colors (Bella Mandarin for example). My favorite category in these shadows is metallic since they are the most pigmented. Most of you have probably picked at least one of these up, if not go browse your local store that sells Milani and see the gorgeous shades for yourself.

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