Colourpop Hippo Super Shock Cheek Highlighter: Review + Swatches

If you saw my review on Stole the Show, a different Colourpop Highlight, then you'd know I love this formula. Hippo is very different from Stole the show, it is a sheer lavender. At $8 on the Colourpop website, this unique highlight is worth you attention. 
 4.2 g / .15 oz
 Always remember to seal the container tightly!
Pearlized finish
Close up of the unswatched pan
And an unblended, then lightly blended arm swatch

  • Even smoother texture than Stole the Show, if that's possible
  • Blends out on the cheeks to a pale highlight
    • more silvery than purple
  • I apply with my fingertips, or complexion sponge, or a synthetic face brush
  • No harsh glitter
  • Can be worn alone, or topped for more intensity
  • Cream formula, blends out to almost powder
  • Wears all day, doesn't accentuate flaws
This is a very unique highlight, I have nothing like it in my collection. If you like cooler highlights, then you need this one. I have a more neutral complexion, and it still blends out to a natural finish on me. The formula is amazing, so if you think you'd like this color of highlight--try it out!

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