E.l.f Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast: Review & Swatch

For a while this product was hyped up due to it's eyeshadow topping abilities. It is a cream type eyshadow that retails for $3 from elf cosmetics, similar in texture to colourpop supershock shadows.
Due to the consistency the application is best applied by fingertip.
There should be a sticker on the bottom saying 'Toast' for the shade name, 
but mine didn't come with one.
  • The pigmentation is not amazing, but it is a nice eyeshadow topper
  • It would crease if it's worn on it's own
  • The packaging is nice and simple, and mine has yet to dry out
  • I prefer the colourpop formula over this, even though those are $2 more
It is a thin glittery product that has a mousse texture then sets. It wears averagely, and only looks nice as a topper. The pigmentation is thin, can see skin through it. As a topper, it provides an added sparkle. Price is very affordable, but Colourpop has much better pigmentation.  

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