SinfulColors Back To School Collection: A Class Act

Hey everyone, I just want to preface this review by saying that the following products were sent to me for review; However, all opinions are my own. These polishes are not out yet but will be available in August & September 2015 They are a limited edition line, available at Walgreens and other places SinfulColors is sold. The price on these babies is only $1.99 each.
L-R:Whiteboard, Casablanca, V.I.Peach, Burst of Fresh Flair, Sinful Sunrise, Pink Break, 24/7, Fig, Hazed, Why Not
 These are the 10 shades I chose and was sent out of the full line.
They will be swatched in this order, and reviewed individually below.

(2 coats)
"Chalk White"
Mostly opaque in one, two for maximum coverage
Demi-Matte Finish

(1 coat)
Fully opaque in one coat
"Creamy metallic silver"
Regular Finish

(4 coats)
Steaky 1st coat, mostly opaque 2nd coat, 3rd made no difference, and 4th was fully opaque
"Soft Touch of Pastel Yellow"
The peach in the name doesn't make sense for a yellow
Demi-Matte Finish

Burst of Fresh Flair
(3 coats)
Very sheer 1st coat, slightly more coverage on 2nd, mostly opaque 3rd
"Pearlescent lemon yellow"
Regular Finish

Sinful Sunrise
(1 coat)
The white is Chalkboard to show it is a very slightly pink basically clear base
"Warm pink with silver 3D confetti"
Glitter Finish, but not hard to remove

Pink Break
(1 coat)
Fully opaque in one coat
"Demi-matte peachy pink"
On me, it shows up as a more dusty pink
Demi-Matte finish

 (2 coats)
Almost fully opaque but slightly steaky on first coat, 2nd to perfect
"Our hottest pink"
It is a very bright, almost neon pink in person
Regular Finish
 (1 coat)
Mostly-Fully opaque in one coat, a second coat makes it darker
"Glistening Plum"
Darker on nails than in bottle
Regular Finish

 (3 coats)
Almost jelly sheer in 1st coat and then opaque in 2nd (3rd coat makes no difference)
"Subdued violet with a demi-matte finish"
Demi-Matte Finish

Why Not
(1 coat)
Fully opaque in one coat
"A Clear Sky Blue"
Does slightly stain nails blue, make sure to use a base coat
Regular Finish

These are good quality polishes at a very affordable price. Some shades are more pigmented than others, but all are creamy and smooth. Watch out for staining with the yellows and blues; in other words when actually wearing them use a basecoat. My favorites: Whiteboard (A great non streaky white), Sinful Sunrise (An easy to remove confetti glitter), and Why Not (the intensity in one coat is impressive). My least favorites: V.I.Peach (took 4 coats), Why Not (slightly stained nails).

More information on the following SinfulColors sites:

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