E.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Light: Review & Swatch

You know you like a product when you hit pan. I took these pictures months ago when I first bought this product, but since then I have been really enjoying it as well as another brow product. Since this is from elf it is very affordable, only $3. 
I bought the shade 'light'
There is a gel and a powder (and a useless too soft brush)
The gel is cooler toned, and the powder is too orange for my complexion and hair color

How to use:
I use an angled brush (not the one included) to dip in the gel side and apply all over both my brows. Then I take a spoolie to blend the product out and make my brows look natural. If the powder was your tone then I would take a different angle brush and apply that, and comb through my brows again.

  • They have a good shade selection, not just one color
  • The powder in this duo is too orange for me, but the product is smooth
  • The gel does not stick my brows down well but it does last all day, and it looks very natural
If you are new to brows and want something easy, then this is for you. For more experienced brow product users, this may be a nice base for other products. If there is a shade for you, pick it up and try it out. For $3, it's an easy to use, buildable product that applies sheer to good brow coverage. If your brow hairs need to be completely created, not just evened out, then this might not work since it isn't an intense pomade or full coverage pencil.

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