E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator

This lip scrub retails at only $3, but it is not my personal favorite. 
They try to make it look sleek since it is in the "Studio" Line. 
Remove dry chapped skin
Sugary sweet 
Smoothing sensation
Protect and Nourish 
Here is the packaging, basic rectangular black
And an up-close shot
  • Another post with my old background, going to try to post old ones from time to time
    • so I can move on to just modern backgrounds in the future
  • Harsh lip scrub
    • Claims to have a balm texture to make it gentle
      • At first it does, but then it wears away and you have to put lots of pressure on your lips and it's not sensitive
  • The actual granules are fine
  • Supposed to be less messy
    • You still end up with sugar particles on your lips
  • As for removing chapped skin...you have to apply too much force to do that
    • It's only good for maintaining already smooth lips
  • It is sugary sweet from the sugar particles
I prefer the lush lip scrub, this used to be my favorite before that one. This is only okay, it is not fabulous and it's a little too abrasive. It certainly is affordable, but that does not mean it is worth it. Your lips are just as sensitive as your under eyes, and you should be gentle with them :)

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