Maybelline Master Conceal (Fair): Review + Swatch

I recently hauled this, and I my first impressions were not the best; However, like any good blogger I've been testing it out and trying to grasp my real thoughts. I've come to the conclusion it's worth the ~$8 depending on where you get it, and if it is on sale. 
I bought the shade fair
Squeeze tube
Can get only as much product as you want out
One dot, partially blended
  • If you're ghost pale like me: this is not a good facial concealer
    • Darker than skintone, and slightly more orange
  • Great for under the eyes!
    • Slight orange undertone helps correct
      • Apply before foundation to make it the more natural
  • Only use this on the face if the tone matches, and be sure to thoroughly blend
    • A little does go a long way
  • Very light liquid concealer
  • Make sure to set where you apply it
    • When I do, no problems with creasing
    • Not a super creasing concealer if you don't apply powder after (but please set it)
  • Pretty good coverage, especially under the eyes
    • Slightly too liquidy to cover areas on the face
      • Can blend in too much
    • If you have darker skin, this would be a nice highlighting concealer
I do like this concealer, not love but like. I've been reaching for it a lot when I actually think about my makeup, and remember to do this before foundation. If you use this after it can just appear a bit unnatural and orange on the skin's surface. The texture is medium-light, feels thick in one dot but blends nicely.

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