Mac Fleshpot Lipstick | Review + Swatches

Mac lipsticks are a classic, and for me this one is a must have. Mac has raised the prices of their lipsticks overtime, and currently cost $17. They have a variety of finishes, and this one is a satin finish. 
"Pale muted pinky- beige"
according to mac
Pulls more peach on me
  • Can be worn alone, mixed to lighten, or in the center of lips to highlight
  • I love this lipstick even alone, but I know not everyone would like this
    • Screenshot from my latest video about some of my favorite lipsticks
  • Not as dry as a mac matte, but still enough so that it wears a long time
  • Can be built up or worn less intense
Not every person nor every skintone can pull this color off, but personally I like it. On me, it's slightly a "concealer lips" color, but that shade is the look some desire. The formula is also very nice, if I wore this more I would try to find a dupe. There may be some listed online in-case the price does not seem reasonable to you (I just hope Mac doesn't raise prices yet again!).  

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