Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer | Review + Swatches | 01 Bavarian Cream

Stop what you're doing, and at least read the into to this review...Today I'm reviewing a new love of mine: The Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer. This baby is only $14, and *spoiler* worth the hype. Mentioned in my Concealer Collection video.
 .14 oz
 Swatch of Bavarian Cream (lightest shade, yellow toned)
Comparison swatches here
 Unedited no makeup face
Full face, 10 hours after application (no touch ups)

  • First, sorry no right after application picture (the shots were a little blurry, and didn't want to use them)
  • Claims to be ideal for under eye area
    • It is great, not 100% full coverage though
    • I also used it instead of foundation along my t-zone
  • Actually my skin tone, would be brightening for almost anyone else
  • Wears all day, doesn't separate, crease, or get patchy (on me)
    • I have heard not ideal for dry skin
      • If you have dry skin, use a primer or moisturizer under
  • With this "unique" applicator not a lot of product comes out
    • Almost have to dot the product on
    • Not flexible tip, but not much different from standard doe-foot applicators
  • Blends VERY easily into the skin
    • Quick and easy, wouldn't even need a brush
  • Does NOT oxidize,
    • Does not fully set on it's own either (set with powder)
Yes, just yes! Do yourself a favor, and pick up this concealer. I am extremely impressed by it, and even prefer it over the Urban Decay naked skin. 

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