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Lip Monthly May 2016 | Reviews + Swatches

I received this subscription in the mail a few days ago, and decided to give every product a try before writing up my review. The bags retail for $12.95 a month BUT with my code BUDGETMAKEUP you will get 55% off your first bag! I do make a small commission per coupon use, but I would only ever recommend something I truly like--without further a do here is my summary of the May bag... overview Retail prices,  total value $68.95  Manna Kadar 3 in 1 Gloss: $24 Manna Babe The "3 in 1" refers to priming, being a gloss, and staining the lips. This definitely has a glossy high shine appearance, not like the matte lip trend (nice to see something different). The color is even more stunning on the lips than in the tube, and does stain the lips. The color wears beautifully, and the shimmer is not gritty at all. So Susan Lip & Cheek Stain: $24.95 Hangover This product is a lot more unique than what it initially appears to be. The name of