Lip Monthly June 2016 | Reviews + Swatches

My next bag is already on the way, but product reviews are always better late than never! Instead of immediately reviewing the products, this month I decided to take more time to try everything out. The bags retail for $12.95 a month BUT with my code BUDGETMAKEUP you will get 55% off your first bag! I do make a small commission per coupon use, but my review is as honest as always.
Here's an overview. 
The contents total worth is $69.95 at retail price, and every product is full sized!
Be a Bombshell Lip/ Cheek Stick ($16) 
In the shade sweetness
Blended, and unblended swatch
The shade is a warm coral with a touch of golden glitter
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Butter ($18.95)
The formula is very smooth and has a "butter" like consistency.
For being so smooth, it is hydrating but it also does not last all day.
For all day wear, I suggest a lip liner under.
Lip swatch
Peony Cosmetics Highlighter ($22)
Sheered out, and swatched
The product is very subtle, but the tone makes it wearable for all skin tones.
For a more intense glow, I would top with a powder highlighter.
Measurable Difference Lip Color Stick ($13)
In the shade Chrislie
The formula is very smooth and similar to the lip butter.
I thought the product would be sheer, but it still has decent pigmentation.
The color also leaves a slight stain behind, meaning the product wears well and evenly.
Lip Swatch

Overall, I highly recommend Lip Monthly. I am not just saying that because I am affiliated, code: BUDGETMAKEUP . Last month was my first month trying this subscription out, and I have to say I am genuinely impressed. For the price, the products (4 - 5) are all FULL SIZED! My favorite product this month would have to be the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Butter.

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