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What if someone went and tested all the eye creams out there...well multiple someones and almost all eye creams...would you believe it?
It's true! 
I've always felt that I could not comment much on eye creams other than if they were hydrating or not, so here is my resource to all of you. The search is over. 
Why do I not comment on eye creams? I'm 18. I use eye creams as a preventative measure, not to make wrinkles go away or bags disappear. Maybe if I didn't use eye creams I would have these issues, the only thing I struggle with is dark circles when I have countless restless nights (welcome to college lol). 
So go out and buy what's best for you, no need to waste money on trying a bunch of products that don't work.  (I am NOT being paid to share this, I just wanted to share a resource since eye cream is not something I have commented on).