Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer- St. Lucia

I have had this little product for a while and I have to say it is quite nice, even for people with fair skin. It can be found at target, walmart, and at the elf website.
 This is the outside of the packaging and it is kinda dirty because of the type of material it is made from. But it is still sleek and portable.
 Inside are two pans of products a blush and a bronzer, with a full size mirror.
 Here is an upside-down picture  to show the product up close. It is not matte but also not full of sparkles. It can contour but not really brighten like a shimmery-glittery bronzer.
The blush is a very lovely peachy-pink with shimmer, it's not overly sparkly and it does not exaggerate pores. The bronzer is actually deeper in real life and can be a bit muddy, but it is still possible to use.

Reccommend? For $3 give it a try, I personally just like the blush and that alone is worth $3.I think the bronzer is best on medium skin, and the blush on all skin.

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