Maybelline Color Tatoo- Barely Branded

You probably remeber my post on another maybelline color tattoo, and how I said I would buy another one. Well its been a while and I bought another one! Read on to find out how I like this particular shade.
Here is the front of the container, same as the other one, but this time in barely branded. I took this picture 
back when I first got it.
Here is the other side with a peak at the color.
This is the color, it is a bare shimmery color.
Here is a swatch, you can tell it reflects the light.

Here is is on my eye with more than one layer. I applied it with my finger because that is my favorite way to appy this product.

Recommend? I actually don't like this that much. 1. Very Very shimmery, can be hard to wear. 2. Barely shows up on my skin tone, only adds shine 3. Only can be worn as a base ....The color tatoo's are 
great but this color is not that great.


Since then I have learned how to apply it so that it shows up better, you use a concealer brush! Also if you have very very oily eyelids like my you might still want a primer under so that it won't crease. 

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