Loréal Colour Riche Balm in Rose Elixer: Review + Swatches

Hey guys I just stopped by my nearby target to get some extra things that teachers required, and found myself needing a new lip balm. The l'oréal color riche balm cought my eye, at the same price as the maybelline ones.
Gotta love this packaging, it looks so expensive!
I got the shade Rose elixir, a lovely rosey shade.
Here is the color, in the tube it looks to be a bright rose.
Here it is on my lips, it is pretty my my natural lip color. All it seems to add is a sheer balmy gloss.
Here is a swatch.

This is a very sheer balm, but it still gives a nice effect to the lips. It is glossy so that you don't need a gloss, but no so glossy that it won't stick to your hair. The smell reminds me of cupcakes, or Oreos. As for how well it wears, that's another matter. They say 8hr, now that would be a full school day with only reapplying after I got home. Sadly it does not last nearly that long. I had to reapply at least every two hours. 

Recommend? I still have to say yes! The packaging is amazing, smells great, lovely effect. Only bad thing is staying power. In the end I prefer it to most other balms, except my Nivea ones.

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