Urban Decay Black Market Eyeliner Set: Review + Swatches

I picket this up at my local sephora a couple of weeks ago. It is the Urban Decay Black Market Eyeliner set. It is mostly dark shades and I feel that some would look best on certain eye colors. It retails for around $36 but I found mine in a sephora sale section for $24. No matter if you pay full price since it is still a good deal considering one full size is $19 and there are 6 deluxe shades (meaning larger than sample).

There are six pencil liners in a sturdy cardboard holder with a clear plastic case surrounding.
The back says it is soo good its almost criminal.
The shades are West (shimmery medium brown), Desperation (A matte grey with a hint of), Black Market ( A almost black satin - Appears black), Riot (A deep purple with glitter), Apathy ( A deep olive green shimmer) And Ink (a deep blue that shines)

Here what the pencils look like with the caps off.


TOP ROW: Apathy, Ink, Riot, and West
BOTTOM ROW: Black Market, and Desperation
And again in the same order as stated before.
And some comparisons: ( I only had similar ones to 5 of the shades, Apathy is a unique shade)

  1. Black Market is the black shade on the right. The other swatched is just UD Zero. Zero is a little blacker and less satiny.
  2. Desperation is swatched with the other "grey/Taupe" shades I own. It is in the top right of them. To the left is UD Uzi (More Shimmery but same base shade). And below is Rimmel London Taupe which is very very taupey and brown toned.
  3. Ink is swatched to the left of Rimmel London Deep Blue (Which is matte) they are very different since Ink is deeper and shimmery)
  4. Riot is to the Left of UD Emprire. They are very comparable and almost Identical.
  5. West is to the left of UD Corrupt but both are also very comparable. Both are Glittery medium/ coppery browns.
  • Same UD creamy formula
  • On my very oily eyelids they do smudge 
  • Stay all day perfectly in my waterline and lower lashline
  • A great deal in this set. But I wouldn't buy any individually 
  • Some unique shades (Apathy, Ink, and Desperation) but half were average (Riot, West, and Black Market)

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