Maybelline Pink Wink Eyeshadow (New formula/Packaging): Review & Swatches

If you haven't noticed Maybelline Re-packaged all their eyeshadows and wrote "new" on all of them so I picked up a color I hadn't seen in the old packaging and decided to try it out. It was about $4 for a single shadow, same price as before. I originally saw this at walgreens but now even RiteAid has switched over. 

The packaging is sleeker in a flat square shape but stills has a clear part showing the color. The one I got is Pink Wink!
The back is nothing special, it just shows you that this is meant as a lid color.
This view shows the gold duo-chrome effect.
Here shows the pink shift in color.
Here is a slightly layered swatch.

  • Similar texture to the lilac shade in the old packaging and less creamy than the gold
  • Sheer color, not super pigmented
  • looks pretty layered over other shadows, might do a look soon
  • Has a slight glittery look but doesn't feel glittery
  • Slightly powdery and dry, but the color is worth it

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