Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro Primer

I had high hopes for this primer! emilynoel83 gave it best primer for multiple years on her youtube channel. It is the rimmel fix and perfect pro primer. It was not very expensive( under $10) can't remember how much but maybe $7?
Its a whole ounce of product so it should last a while but here are the claims: smoothes, resurfaces, brightens, mattifies, and protects.
It also claims to prolong the wear of foundation.
To use it says apply to clean skin. wear alone or under foundation.
The first ingredeint is water but don't be fooled there still is all kinds of "cones" or silicones to give it a smooth feeling. But it also has some maybe good things like juices in it. 
I put it on my hand to show that it is a white "lotion-y" primer not a clear totally silicone primer. When I  blend it out it does not show much difference other than feeling very soft.

Now let's review the claims:
Smoothes-It does because of all the silicones
Resurfaces- Not too sure about that
Brightens- Probably a little
Mattifies- Definitely not, if it does only when you first put it on
Protects- Not sure why it would do that
Prolongs foundation wear- It makes my face look "dewy" rather than oily at the end of the day, but does not keep my face matte

It does have the classic light almost chemical floral scent. 

Since I feel like it contributes to breakouts I use it under my eyes and on my lips instead of on my whole face. If you do NOT have sensitive skin it would probably be wonderful for you, I also think it would be good for dry skin.

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