Stila Kitten Gift Set- Item reviews and Swatches (Lip gloss, glaze, highlighter, and eyeshadow)

I found this for $15 at Nordstrom Rack. It's probably not still there, but the items in the kit are still available.
The outer cardboard packaging is adorable! This kit is the "kitten must haves" the iconic stila shade.
The cardboard slides off to reveal a silver case saying stila.

Ahhh..Look at the pretty items inside.

Here's what's inside:
  • Stila kitten eyeshadow
  • Stila kitten highlighter duo
  • Stila kitten lip glaze
  • Stila Kitten Silk Shimmer Lip Gloss

Here is stila kitten shadow(left)compared to wnw walking on eggshells eyelid shade (right).
The highlight duo shades
The lip glaze (left) and the lip gloss (right)
The highlighter (pinker shade) is very subtle but does give a nice glow
The lip gloss makes my lips super "juicy" and gorgeous and it smells like vanilla, 
not too long lasting but is lovely to apply and not that sticky
The lip glaze is more golden and stickier, but if you only use a little it is wonderful and long wearing 
(For a lip gloss, can get over 3 hours wear)

For $15 if you can still find it go get it now! 
The eyeshadow: get the dupe since it looks the same on the eyes
highlighter: super subtle but does emphasis pores, only so so on this
silk shimmer gloss: yes yes yes
Lip glaze: Better formula than the ones in the trio sets, less sticky

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