Sephora Birthday Gift 2014

It's my birthday month! If you belong to sephora's membership program- Beauty Insider (It's free and totally worth it) then you get a free gift during your B-Day month. 
This year it features Makeup Forever coming in a cute little box!

It comes with two little mini's! A mini Makeup Forever Lipstick in N9 
and a mini Smoky Extravagant Mascara. 
The lipstick has hardly any product but it is very adorable! 
It seems to be very brown toned but it is actually quite lovely. 

The mascara has a semi-unique wand. I didn't take pictures of me wearing this because it is only average. No mega volume or anything. however it did NOT flake or smudge (I tested it for days in a row).

Lipstick Swatches:
  • It is nothing to go to sephora just to get, but it is a nice add on 
  • They are adorable but nothing I would pay high end prices for

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