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Jesse's Girl Mineralized Baked Powder Eye Shadow (Rosemary Frost): Review & Swatches

This eyeshadow was a gift from one of my friends,  and at first glance I thought I wouldn't like it.  It is a domed baked eyeshadow, with different color veining.  It is in the color "rosemary frost" It looks like a blue toned purple, in the pan. It is actually a lilac/ lavender light purple. It has a sheen and small glitters. Sheer color Great over a base or with a fix+ type enhancer Not chalky but not creamy, overall dry texture It is an okay product, but nothing super special.

L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick in Perpetual Peach: Review & Swatches

I have been going back and forth with my opinions on this products, but I am here now to give you my opinions. This is from a newer line of lipsticks from L'oreal and it retails for around $8 (I think). The cap is tinted to be similar to the actual lipstick color. Sheer swatch. Layered swatch. Lip swatch. Shimmer almost frost finish Makes lips look fuller due to the the shimmer Not extremely long wearing, has an average wear time Not the standard L'oreal lipstick scent, it has little to no scent at all I don't reach for it often, but I do really like it when I wear it Since it is not matte it can disguise dryness on your lips I love wearing this lipstick with a peachy blush, and dark green or neutral brown toned eyeshadows

Jordana FabuLiner: Review & Swatch

We have all heard of the stila stay all day liquid liner, and the Kat Von D liquid liner.  I was hoping this ~$3 liner would be a dupe.  Its in a pretty standard tube with standard packaging. It just says liquid liner meaning it is not waterproof. It has a wide and thick tip that does not bend easily, you can't drag while lining you have to set it on its side and press it on.  Swatches nice and black.  Cap clicks closed The tip is to hard to use on eyes unless in a certain technique by "stamping" Very affordable Not waterproof Overall, I say pass on this. Splurge a bit for a more high end one like stila. The more expensive ones have a finer tip that doesn't tug on the eyes, and they are usually waterproof. I am not a pro at using liquid liner, but especially for beginners I ind that this just makes it more difficult. 

Milani Uptown Mauve Color Statement Lipstick: Review+Swatches

Lipstick is an amazing thing, and when done right it is fabulous! I have heard so many good things about these Milani lipsticks. I picked this up a few weeks ago, and it made it into my top 5 lipsticks post on Instagram(budgetmakeupbeauty). This line of lipsticks only cost around $5 each, and as  for the quality it is hard to believe! Sheer swatch Layered swatch Leaves a stain when removed Lip swatch  (Ignore my skin, whatever foundation I was testing made my skin look very dry) Very long lasting, even stains the lips Unique purple-pink A non season related color Lux gold packaging No bad things to say, other than can be hard to locate this brand(for me)

Maybelline Vintage Plum Color Tattoo: Review and Swatch

I'm finally going to get back into the blogging spin of things, and that means posting reviews with old images in my old background. Because of this I have had this Maybelline color tattoo for quite a while now, I bought it the first time I saw it new in store. It is part of the leather line. Above shows swirled together, and below is a swatch. It is a dove grey type color with a soft hint of purple.  By the name "vintage plum" I was expecting a darker purple,  but I guess it means vintage as in washed out. Matte, no shimmer, formula Long lasting eyeshadow base, or lid color Looks nice topped with purples or smokey colors It is permanent Affordable price tag