Jesse's Girl Kiwi Rose Pure Pigment Eye Dust: Review + Swatches

I saw someone, can't remember who, post a look using this pigment months ago on Instagram. I put it on my "list" and shrugged it off until a few days ago. When I was at rite aid, browsing the makeup isle, I saw the Jesse's Girl pigments. I had to think back to the name of this, but when I saw it I knew I really did need it. I'm a sucker for duo chromes, and a $4.99 price tag doesn't hurt either. These can be found at Rite Aid in stores, or on the company's website
 Very simple ingredients
2.5 g / .035 oz
 Tri-hole sifter
Only a little comes out at a time,
I shook quite a bit out here.

  •  It shifts a stunning golden lime green to an almost opalescent golden pink
    • "kiwi" (green gold shift) "rose" (pinker shift)
  • Nearly impossible to capture the true beauty of this pigment in picture form
  • I have nothing quite like it in my collection
  • Swatches are dry, does swatch and apply more intense wet
  • Wears all day (with a primer)
  • Comes off a little too green on the face
    • Unless you want a green shifting facial highlight
Why didn't I pick this baby up sooner?!? For five bucks this is gorgeous, even if it was twenty I'd still say it's a stunner. If you have a rite aid near you go look at the Jesse's Girl pigments, and see this one in person! I am impressed with the smoothness and pigmentation of this product and definitely plan on buying more shades in the future! 

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