L'oreal Rose True Match Powder Glow Illuminator: Review + Swatches + Mac Lightscapade Dupe

These highlighters are love it or hate it items for people, I bought mine as soon as they hit the shelves...and I've been testing ever since. This shade is my personal favorite, which is why I'm reviewing it first. They retail around the $12 mark, lower or higher depending where you purchase. Also, in this post I'm going to show a swatch comparison to a popular mac product.
Slightly bulking clear and rose gold packaging
Guide to highlighting + Ingredients
The actual powder
Comes with a not super luxe brush
Swirled together,then largest pan clockwise

No flash natural lighting on nearly bare skin
With flash
Lightscapade (Top) vs Rose (Bottom)
  • Very subtle daily highlight
  • Soft pink, or rose in color
    • Slightly more pink and less opalescent than lightscapade
  • Does not over emphasize pores
  • No glitter or sparkles
  • The darker rose shades blend together with the lighter
    • Or can be used individually
  • Have used this product in many tutorials, just check my YouTube page
I really do like this highlight. I wouldn't consider it a dupe, my skintone tends to reveal the true colors of products due to how fair I am. On a more medium or dark complexion, they would probably appear the same like the original swatches I saw. However, it is less than half the cost of the mac highlighter, so it is definitely a more affordable option. The product is smooth, but not as smooth as the mac. They wear the same, and the difference on the skin is just more glow with less product with the mac.

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